the original one is actually the one with hats too but idk i was too lazy to so i hide the hat hehhahahagdhjfhs i was supposed to color this ‘seriously' too but i couldn't orz

maybe someday…


Um idk lmaohhHAHA

I made the first one using ms paint bc I didn’t have tablet that time ;; The second one I made when I just used tablet and not rly used to it. Aaand lmao look at the style difference I’m gonna cry. 

In 2013 I made one but I forgot where I saved it so yyeah I used 2014’s sketch and colored it using 2013’s style BUT FAILED HAHHHAH since I coulnd’t use that way of coloring again;;;

… 2014. Ok. Idk. This shows how lazy I color/paint drawing lmao I’m getting lazy nowadays idk if I’ll stick with this style (PROBABLY NOT HHHAH)

So I decided to post this on tumblr too huuhu my OP bubus / w \)

drawing a grown up sabo doesn’t hurt anymore

ro kiddos wip (SHRUGS)

cries my ab is reading porn magazine is that even allowed ^ q ^);;  anw goddamn warlock is hard to draw sheesh