I'm probably gonna go to Comifuro for the first time this year... What should I expect? Will it be as crowded as Hellofest/AFA?

Yay xD The last two comifuro were kinda crowded but not as crowded as AFA. You can still walk around freely ; u ;)b 

posted 6 days ago on Aug 15

Finally got this done (´ω`;)ゝ Anw I’m probably gonna make these as a postcard for Comifuro 4. If anyone’s coming, don’t forget to visit booth F10! 

posted 1 week ago on Aug 15

greatsenpai replied to your photo “Chapter 66 is my favorite cries this is really good… really good. ”


YYES! I was too curious after watching the first episode so I tried the manga. IT WAS REALLY GOOD WWAHHH ;O;

posted 1 month ago on Jul 05