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My godness.

How to get rid of art block tho.

Anyway… Thank you for following! There aren’t much stuff here bc of my constant art block lol

But my askbox is always open for request. Don’t hesitate to ask! :D (that’ll help me a lot bc I always don’t know what to draw lmao)

toraocapt asked: whaaaa??! Indonesia?! me too, srsly :D

Whoaa really? What a rare coincidence hahaaha XD Nice too meet you then! Gotta follow you from my main account ^ q ^)

Anonymous asked: where do you come from?

Indonesia ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Anonymous asked: hei".... why u never update your DA again? TAT)

(i think i know you anon, but nvm) I dunno I don’t feel like posting pict there anymore :c Who wants to see my dA anw—

Anonymous asked: what program do you use for make a doodles?

I’m using Paint Tool SAI ^ q ^)/

greatsenpai asked: I love your asl art and doodles and bless you for the comics ( ´ ▽ ` )

aksjdhsfghs thank you you’re so sweet!! /////// bless ASL they deserve a lot of love <3

I can’t make something serious at all

Part 1

Anonymous asked: Hi! Nice to meet you! :) I really love your pictures!! :D

!!! Nice to meet you too anon! Waah thanks, glad you love it >///<

… so that’s the problem?! (I’m so lame sorry)

I dump my doodles here so yeah.

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Requests are open. Just send me an ask. :D

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