greatsenpai replied to your photo “Chapter 66 is my favorite cries this is really good… really good. ”


YYES! I was too curious after watching the first episode so I tried the manga. IT WAS REALLY GOOD WWAHHH ;O;

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A Week Without Regrets - 27th July to 2nd August

Hey guys! We’ve decided to put this event together to appreciate some very precious brothers, the ASL trio.

The official tag for the event is: #a week without regrets

Prompts are as follows:
Day 1: General - (27th July)
Day 2: Lyrics/Quotes - (28th July)
Day 3: Colours - (29th July)
Day 4: Tears - (30th July)
Day 5: Growth - (31th July) 
Day 6: Protect - (1st August)
Day 7: What if - (2nd August)

Anyone can participate and you do not necessarily have to follow the prompts as they only serve as a guide for the week. Please do not repost and remember to source accordingly. And last but not least, have fun!

If you have any queries, feel free to ask any one of the event leaders :)

KrizziaKaylin & Jen

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